General public dinner seminars are still one of the best ways to get in front of a large group of prospects. Having a message and topic that is timely and compelling, and communicated effectively and cost-efficiently, can generate record numbers in production.

If you are looking to jumpstart your marketing program, our one-on-one consultative approach and extensive expertise in financial direct marketing will help you reach, gain, and retain highly qualified prospects. We offer innovative solutions to address all of your seminar marketing needs through the use of two highly effective and vastly different dinner seminars.

Wall Street’s On Fire

10 Reasons to Move Your Money NOW!

How much of your retirement savings can you afford to lose in the Market? What are the signs of changes in the markets that would demand that those facing retirement make decisions right away with their retirement savings? History and common sense tell us that neither Bull nor Bear markets continue forever. Whether we see a ‘correction’ or a full-blown crash, the market will change. And if you are not prepared, your IRA/401(k) accounts and other investments that you are counting on for retirement could be in serious jeopardy.

WSOF is an eye-opening look at the risk and volatility of today’s Stock Market. It covers 10 compelling signs or trends that point to a necessity of moving money in or out of the market, what an investor can do now to develop a sound, secure, balanced retirement plan to protect and grow the assets they’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate.

Topics Discussed Are:

  • The psychology of market cycles -- how fear and greed can send the market into a freefall (see 2008)
  • What is the next BIG thing that’s going to happen in the market?
  • The next swing down: a little or a lot?
  • What insiders are doing now that should have you worried?
  • How much risk is too much?
  • Why market seasonality matters!
  • The power of guaranteed income
  • The ABCs of Conservative Investing – creating a Stock Market Exit Strategy.

Investors learn rational steps investors can take to help remove the uncertainty from their retirement planning. This is seminar is updated every 6 weeks to help advisors stay relevant. Very powerful and extremely effective!

Winning in Retirement

Four Challenges to Retirement and How to Win!

What are the Four greatest challenges that the retirement minded have to face? [1] Will they have enough money to last a lifetime? [2] Where are we in the current market cycle and what’s the next big move the market will make? [3] How will they battle the crushing effect of inflation over their retirement years? [4] Finally, do they have a plan to manage the tax burden well into their retirement years?

The Topics Covered Are:

  • Longevity is killing us!
  • The next BIG move in the market!
  • Inflation is the penalty for living too long.
  • Two things in life are certain: Death & Taxes!
  • The ABC Retirement Model empowers people to make wise decisions.
  • What to do with the Pebble in the Shoe in your portfolio

These challenges are the backbone of the seminar and prospects will get a full dose of pain as they work through material. The seminar is conducted with no power point and just a simple set of seven poster boards and a fill in the blank set of handouts. It’s a powerful presentation and the personal connection with the advisor is strong, with tremendous results.