Being with V&A is like being handed a fortune 500 franchise for the cost of learning how to run it!  Proven Marketing, proven and congruent Message, with a simple to follow proven Process = Comprehensive Practice.

— DS - WA

I have had the pleasure of being able to call Dave Vick a friend for over six years. His expertise and emphasis on helping not only the client, but also the advisor, is second to none. Dave embraces a “people first, money second” approach, and anyone that knows Dave would agree. The Financial ABC’s of Retirement Model is not only is an excellent approach to accumulating new clients, it is an effective model that works in the real world. It has changed my business; the effects it has had, not only on my clients’ portfolios, but on me personally as well, cannot be measured.

— PD - IL

The college workshops are a big success for our business. Dave Vick is a wonderful mentor. He showed us how to run the ABC Workshops from start to finish and many of our students are becoming clients. The ABC Planning Process is the kind of process people like because it makes sense.

— DV - PA

I got an email about 10 years ago about a free class on how to better market my financial planning services. I thought, “why not”. I will try it and see what they had to say. It was a marketing seminar put on by Dave Vick.

Naturally I was skeptical because I had been to so many classes and seminars promising big results. Haven’t we all. What I found was much different.

I was pleasantly surprised. I still am every time I have occasion to work with Dave. What I found was that his approach is comprehensive, user friendly, and a winner for both the agents and the clients. No trick closes or tug of wars over how to get the clients to do what you want. Instead, Dave’s ABC model approach, in my experience, makes many more loyal clients because we are actually solving the clients’ problems, rather than just selling products. Along the way, we certainly sell more products, but they fit into the client’s needs. My income has more than doubled by using Dave’s methods.

Combined with his interactive software, the clients can actually see how their plan fits together, and how it benefits them. Dave coaches us along the way to make it all work.

— ND - WI

First I would like to say thank you for your support, your knowledge, your understanding, and most of all your patience.  Most of us in this industry had to start from somewhere, and I started in the insurance industry; 31 years ago.  At the time they preached the way to success was to play the numbers game; and that industry wonders why they have a 80% failure rate.  I always thought that we were in a relationship business and not a numbers game business.  And like many we have had to start over many times, due to our ego’s getting the way, not thinking things through, not having an open mind, and best of all just not listening.  Most of this comes from hearing and seeing all of the scams, and crazy ideas that people want you to invest in along the way that are supposed to make you more successful or take you to the next level.

So you can image how I felt when I talked to our mutual friend about your organization and he told me about his success; my curiosity was peaked and my mind was on alert.  I knew things had to change if I was going to achieve the goals that I had planned for, so I decided to give it a shot.   So just so I was not disappointed I set my expectations to below zero, and let my wife’s expectations cover for the both of us.  After our short learning curve and a couple of mistakes, my wife said to me the other day that “this system works better than even I expected” and it worked just like everyone in your organization said it would.  How refreshing something actually works as advertised!

 Thanks again for all your support, your knowledge, your understanding, and most of all your patience.

— CF- PA